September 03, 2008

The New Phone Book is Here!

Well, not really. But the Fall / Winter 2008 Brochure has arrived at the studio. I'm triply excited, in an attached and non-yoga-ish way:

* I'm listed on the title page, as part of the Staff (I assume I'll make it to the website eventually)

* My name made it onto the schedule a few places (the summer schedule simply said "staff" for my Friday class)

* There's a nice picture of Shankara and I playing at Kirtan (the one at right)

I've been a GDI since college days, and as a self-employed person for over a decade, even a corporate affiliation is hard to come by. So it's really meaningful to me for me to be part of an organization, a family, a tribe. I hope I'm able to fulfill the trust and belief that others have invested in me.

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