September 04, 2008

"She's Like Dr. Laura"

...according to my friend, Helen Boyd, blogging about VP wanna-be Sarah Palin. I listened to her speech last night and Helen nailed it, in terms of the vivacious, refreshing, media savvy woman who just spouts nonsense and bigotry.

The canonical essay about the kind of leader Sarah Palin is (vs. the kind she wants us to believe she is) comes from someone who has known her and crossed swords with her for years, Anne Kilkenny from Wasilla - props to Helder for the link.

But Helen nails it as well. "Please, Dems, don’t rest easy. We need to kick this woman’s ass." Because, like Dr. Laura, she is gonna have a helluva lot of curb appeal to a certain kind of voter - who yearn for the good old days. Who are willing to look past bullying, bigotry, misuse of power, and trampling constitutional rights because someone is attractie, charismatic, and can bring down a moose with a firearm.....

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