September 14, 2008

Lazin' on a Sunday Afternoon

With apologies to the Kinks.

Went with a friend to see "No Child" at Theaterworks. Quite a powerul piece, I really liked it. A bit short (1:15) and in some ways the translation from a one-woman piece to a small ensemble (4 actors) worked very well, although I think it suffered a tiny bit from being betwixt and between - having 4 actors made for some character differentiation but also a bit of mild confusion - was not 100% keeping up with all the characters throughout. A minor quibble; it's a pretty amazing piece otherwise.

Afterwards, we wandered down to Bushnell Park for the Hope Out Loud festival / concert, which was pretty small. Hope was sort of talking in an inside to speak. A handful of tables, a small stage, not a lot of drama. Did run into WKW from RAW (who was out exercising) and I was pleasantly accosted by an Italian Ice vendor "You teach the $5 yoga classes at noon, right?" That has been happening more often, something I need to get used to.

After a quick circuit at the fest, we wandered up to The Russell for a bite; not particularly impressed. Although I recall going to that location about 25 years ago (no idea what it was then) for an art opening; I recognized the place inside once we were in there. I had a chicken curry sandwich, my friend had a salad. Mine was OK - nothing spectacular; my friend was less than impressed by her salad.

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