September 02, 2008

The End of the Summer

Autumn has bene stalking us for a while now - cooler mornings, lower humidity, glorious golden sunlight. And now, even though it's only September 2, it's the day after Labor Day, and the summer season is officially winding down. There are kid in uniform heading off to school, as Julie over at Live In Hartford notes. Balloon chasing will peak in the coming month or two, before ending for the season in late October. My work email will, I imagine, soon be filled with projects and reminders from clients lulled into a temporary torper with vacations and summertime projects, who wake up this morning and realize they need to get back to business.

It's a time of changes in my life. Sept 21, the new yoga schedule comes online, and I will be teaching 3.5 classes per week. I'm doing a dry run for that; next week my two usual classes plus subbing three more. This week is the calm before the storm, with just one class to teach.

I've been conscious of poor eating and poor lifestyle choices as the summer winds down; fall is going to be a time of cleansing and renewal for me. This morning, I set aside the small pot of decaf coffee I have chosen each summer morning, and brewed a cup of Goji Berry green tea to accompany my bowl of oatmeal. I doubt that I will plunge into the abrupt changes of a crash diet or sudden purging of every questionable food or habit; but just choosing more carefully and consciously over the next few weeks, and making some space for a healthier life, should provide some big changes.

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