September 07, 2008

It's Nice to Have you Back

Helen Ubiñas, that is, in a wonderful column in today's Hartford Courant called A Family Values Exception For Pregnant Palin Daughter

Helen nails it:
The hypocrisy is stunning, I told Bethany Casarjian, a teenage pregnancy expert who has written extensively on the topic.

I knew it was a dumb question, but I had to ask. How could people who refused to offer an ounce of sympathy — let alone funds or resources — for teens who found themselves in the same position justify their about-face? How could her mother, a champion of abstinence, say with a straight face: "We're proud of Bristol's decision to have her baby and even prouder to become grandparents."

Casarjian's answer was simple. "Because she's one of theirs."

And might I add, had Bristol decided to have an abortion, many members of her class would simply withdraw some money from her allowance or savings account, figure out some way to travel to a state with lax laws, and do the deed. With or without parental support. No need to fuss with an abusive parent, perhaps, or economic hurdles. Nice and in the good old days.

Those with money and power have always had access to reproductive health stuff - birth control, abortion, medical services for pregnancy. And those without.....contrinue to struggle no matter what choices they make.

The Palin saga is not a tale of family values, or teen sexuality, or even pro-choice / pro-life. It's a story of class, a story of privilege. And in the case of the right wing, it's business as usual.

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sandy shoes said...

So true.

In these parts, the same people who were recently mocking and vilifying pregnant teenagers in Gloucester, MA are all of a sudden all "oh, this is a private matter, don't judge."

Wha-wha-what?! I've been stunned -- though I don't know why, except that it's so close in time that you'd think the hypocrisy would be blatantly obvious, even to those spewing it.