April 09, 2008

27 Minutes

I popped into hot yoga 45 minutes early this morning, with a paper and pen and a stopwatch. I felt like I was doing sprints, or yoga tryouts. In reality, I was stepping through a 30 minute yoga practice that we had to come up with for teacher training.

The sequence clocked in at 27 minutes, not counting opening meditation or savasana. Pretty useful exercise. I tightened up a few sequences. I dropped one sun salutation. I worked backwards from a sequence, realizing that if I started up facing backwards, I'd end up pointed the right way. Stuff like that. I'm hoping to squeeze another few minutes out of the sequence to give a little more time for sitting down into postures.

Someday, I hope to be able to lead a practice through instinct. But for now, a watch and a sheet of notes is who I am.....

1 comment:

JenCooper said...

What's the savasana look like at that type of "hot"?

I'm used to a full two minutes after the standing postures (at 50 mins), and then 20 seconds between floor postures (40 mins).

I can get into savasana so damn fast these days. You learn how to take what you get, as much as you can!

Sorry we missed each other last night. Another time!