April 08, 2008

Driveway Moment

NPR radio is always touting the "driveway moment" - that time when you are coming home from someplace, and listening to something on NPR, and arrive home but just sit in your car listening until the story is over, because it's just THAT engaging. I've certainly had a few of those. And of course, they want you to remember that one as you consider sending them some money (for the record, I did, on Sunday, as I listened to This American Life).

I think I had a sort of driveway moment of another sort today; WTIC frequently streams Colin McEnroes' show during Red Sox games. So as I was working today, I fired up the stream. Nothing unusual there, but I had so many things going on with my puter (downloading some large files, web surfing, slinging around 500Meg data sets) that the stream kept breaking down. But I had the Toshiba laptop kicking around the office, which I ended up wiping clean and reinstalling a clean set of software on. So I made that my dedicated streaming computer.

If WTIC were running a pledge drive, I'd feel obligated to donate.

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