April 06, 2008

Survived Detox Flow

Today was actually a lot more accessible than yesterday. Or else I just got comfortable with the level of collapse....

In any case, I'm happy to have gone through it, and happy for it to be over!

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JenCooper said...

Long time no comment. Sounds like you are giving yoga your all (so don't sweat a few burgers or fries).
I have been really into practicing Bikram (I know lots of people don't dig it but the 105 degrees works for me:)). In March, I completed the challenge of practicing for 90 minutes 6 days out of 7 all month. There were days when my body was so profoundly tired I could not believe it, but my strength and flexibility have really improved.
It's so good isn't it? The yoga? SO good. will you be doing some student-teaching soon?