April 26, 2008

Handstands Again

I keep saying that I am close to nailing handstands. Last night, I think I got one step closer. Friday night hot yoga with Nykki, a smallish class that was not overly hot or aerobic. So when it came time for some inversions, I popped up into forearm balance for a bit, and then, with some time on my hands as the res the class worked on various postures on the wall, started to mess around with handstand.

I was jumping up in a way that John taught us - sort of in a narrow down dog and kicking a leg up and just going for some hang time. John used to lead us through 10 or so of these on each side. And I was getting pretty close, kind of balancing on my hands a few degrees from vertical, over and over. Then Nykki said something that opened it all up for me - bring my shoulders right over my hands, really narrow my stance, bring my center of gravity way forward.

I popped right up into a handstand, unassisted. Held it for a long time, too.

Let's see if I can get up by myself the next time I am in the studio.....

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