April 08, 2008

Pho LA

There is a new Pho Place being installed as we speak on New Park, in the old Norman Marine property on New Park, a mini-strip mall which now house a consignment shop, a Curves, and the problematically named "Oriental Nails".

Zippy and I were gonna try it out the other night but it's still not open. We like pho, but Pho Boston seems to give Zippy an MSG headache....so we don't get there much. Not sure if the LA stands for Los Angeles or something else.....will report once its open.

Instead we rustled over to Plan B Tavern, where we gorged on juicy, delicious burgers. Not too enlightened, but yummy. (warning, annoying website music). My second time there, Zippy's first. Not gonna be a regular stop (we're not veggies but we'd like to lean that way more), but a once in a while treat or a place to take a client for lunch....yes indeed.

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