April 30, 2008

Lambert International

The airport in St. Louis is kind of depressing. The former TWA hub is now maybe 1/2 occupied (looking at the vacant gates on the way in) and the airport mostly service commuter jets. Southwest is here - a few bustling gates with 737s. And the major airplines have some bigger birds flying in. But other than that; it's small town city. Like I said, kind of depressing.

I have a hellish layover here - 3 hours more or less, which gives me some time to blog, to catch up on some email and some work, to have an early (and hopefully healthy) lunch. I would prefer to be home, but I found a power receptacle and WiFi. So I am at least connected.

Tulsa was not so bad. Two days of work were pretty productive - my brand of power and grounding seemed play well with the clients, and it looks like I will have some long term work here. Probably more trips to Tulsa as well. It seems like a nice enough city. The Hampton Inn was fine - did not investigate the pool area (which would be my prime spot to throw down some self-directed asana's - the room and the exercise area were not really suitable). But the free breakfast had good choices and was pretty healthy, the rooms were clean, comfortable, and newish, and they had good cookies at the front desk.

I did hit Inner Peace Yoga for a second night; a "Deep Stretch" class. The instructor mentioned Yin Yoga, but it was not really quite like the Yin Yoga I've experienced with Sarah Powers and Heather Tiddens, or the WHY instructors following their visits. Just not the same direction towards softness and letting go, and more traditional postures. Not sure I've seen a Yin crescent lunge, for example, and other postures were those both strength and softening. Most of the Yin I've done has been much less muscular. Not that it was bad, mind you, a lot of deep hip work and good strength work, but I would not really call it Yin. More like Vinyasa free yoga.

Seemed to be a pretty high percentage of men in the class, compared to most classes, which was interesting. And the walls seemed somewhat flimsy (standard drywall) and freshly painted, so did not seem like the place to be hurling my feet at the walls to practice handstands or forearm balancing. Though I did sneak in a headstand. Since it looks like I will be back to Tulsa in the coming months, a friendly and sympatico yoga studio is a decent find!

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Terrence McCarthy said...

You're on the road more than Willie Nelson and Condi Rice! Maybe you should change the name from Scenic Root to Been There, Done That, Seen That Route. Safe traveling to you.