April 29, 2008

Inner Peace Yoga

Took a vinyasa yoga class at Inner Peace Yoga last night. A pretty straightforward practice - a bunch of warm-ups on the mat, some Sun A's, some Sun B's, some standing warrior postures, some mat work. Nowhere near as hot and sweaty as I'm used to at WHY (the windows were all open a crack...) - no fear of a slick mat.

Two minor cranks - a vashistasana wherein the mat hand was directed to be pointed to the side one is facing (quite uncomfortable, I gave it a shot, and not correct), and a fairly large number (maybe 8 or 10 times) of Purvottanasana or Inclined Plank postures at the start, which seems like a recipe for wrist injury. Not 100% sure what the intent was for all that - heart opening, heating up the core. No matter, it was yoga, a decent practice. If I get out in time tonight I might hit the Power Class (5:30) and if not that, the Full Stretch at 7:00 pm.

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