April 25, 2008

Show Off

OK, I'm pretty happy about my headstands. But still, when Barb attempted to pull Kristin up front to demonstrate a headstand last night at practice, and Kristin mouthed the word "Jude" to our fearless leader, I was kind of nervous even as I said "sure". It's one thing to do a headstand before class when I am fresh, messing around in my own space, a few feet from the wall (in case of tipping), and with no pressure. It's quite another to do so at the end of a long, tiring standing practice, with Barb standing next to you talking about the various subtleties of the posture, in front of the room with no wall behind you, and asking if you'd come into ardha sirsasana, and then pull back up into sirsasana. Talk about performance anxiety and pressure.

I survived. No falling in either direction. Or tipping over and resultant crushing of unsuspecting yogi's at the front of the room. I guess I did the posture well enough forbarb not to be poking at my b or my feet to tweak me up a bit. And I got a rare (for the yoga studio) round of applause. Maybe some hope given to those with less classically yoga-ish bods that they too can do inversions.

* Photo glommed from Nicky Watts' Nick Yoga site in Austrailia. Someday I'll have pictures of my own yoga postures to post!

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