April 15, 2008

Men Explain Things to Me

By Rebecca Solnit, Tomdispatch.com - online here
Posted on April 14, 2008, Printed on April 14, 2008
Every woman knows what I'm talking about. It's the presumption that makes it hard, at times, for any woman in any field; that keeps women from speaking up and from being heard when they dare; that crushes young women into silence by indicating, the way harassment on the street does, that this is not their world. It trains us in self-doubt and self-limitation just as it exercises men's unsupported overconfidence.

Props to Diane Frank, who I run into over at MHB.....


Anonymous said...

What a great link. Thanks!

This reminds me of a time when I had a group of people to dinner at my place. A couple of engineers decided to help me clean up in the kitchen. One asked whether the goblets went in the dishwasher. I told them yes but that the goblets had to go into the middle; on the sides they'd scrape up against the top of the dishwasher rendering the rack uncloseable. Immediately, both insisted that I was wrong and that this was impossible. It blew me away. It just didn't seem to occur to them that my experience with my own dishwasher could be more valid than their theories. Their minds just had no room for the possibility that a rack that looked rectangular could sag a little in the middle. They put the goblets in the sides of the rack and left the room, not even curious to test their theory. Oy!

I was thinking of RAW tonight - what a beautiful night to be outside and with Gideon! I haven't seen him since right before he left CT. Wait! Wait! was a joy, though.

~ Kimi

Jude said...

This leaves me wondering if I might have been one of the engineers....