June 03, 2007

Acoustic Bass

Blog readers will recall that I purchased a low cost electric bass a while back. Well, that decision has not sat well with me - and this past week, I invested in a replacement - a Michael Kelly acoustic bass.

No particular reason - Kirtan is coming up, and I want to continue to expland my bass playing, and I like the sound and concept of an acoustic bass for kirtan much better. I'm trying to schlep my electric abass on craigslist (alternately, ebay or Daddy's Junky Music, in trade for an amp)

So I have (between all the other stuff this weekend) been practicing guitar and bass - Ferron's Phantom Center has some great bass tracks that I have been playing along with to get my chops back. I've ID'd a couple of chants that I think work well for bass (instead of guitar) so hopefully I will be playing a bit more bass this time around....

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