June 22, 2007

Animal - Spirit - Machine

An art exhibit at Real Art Ways, which I saw last night, by artist Jordan Eagles. And an informational protest / leaflet campaign by Friends of Animals.

Honestly, the art was gorgeous - and the use of blood as a media was I think part of that; it is visceral, thick, and textured; it was partly lighting but the pieces practically glowed.

Am I a big fan of dead animals? No. But am I a vegetarian? Also no, although I perhaps aspire to that. I refer to myself as lazily omnivorous and a resonant vegetarian, my friend MB refers to be as an opportunistic vegetarian.

I dunno how I feel about it all. I appreciated the Friends of Animals folks for being there, and they were completely respectful. I think its worth a dialog. And I just listed to a bit with the artist on Colin's show, and he sounds pretty respectful about it all.

Now, if the artist had donated a pint of his own blood for the art - would that make it better, or worse? I've donated gallons of blood over the years - and could easily see an artist doing this sort of work with his/her own blood.....and while it would silence the animal rights protests, I think it would cross over into other cultural taboos.

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