June 13, 2007

If a Nightingale, Could Sing Like You....

Two Youtube snippets of a classic Marx Brother's bit.

The movie version, from Monkey Business, here.

And a progenitor, albeit filmed around the same time, from the show "I'll Say She Is" here.


Anonymous said...

Whenever my father was tired he would sit back put his hands behind his head and sing "if a nightingale" When he died 3 years ago we tried to look on the internet to find the origins of this song to play at his funeral but to no avail. Although its too late now it is good to find its origins.
thank you. Now I can play it and think of him.
Belinda O'Leary Southampton England

Anonymous said...

The song is originally by Maurice Chevalier. Yes, the name that the Marx Brothers used on that passport in the movie Monkey Business.

Do a wikipedia on Maurice Chevalier. :)