June 27, 2007

Too Hot To Post

I'm still here, just sweaty and tired (and watching the Paul Simon special on PBS with the Zipster). Two brief updates:

Yesterday, went to see the CT Sun get handed their heads by the basement dwelling Washington Mystics. Gonna be a long season kids. On the plus side - $2 hot dogs and $1 sodas at weekday home games for the rest of the season.

MYA and I went out shopping yesterday - and ended up at one of these little downtown Hartford shops that sell (mostly) personal care products (hair care, skin care, shaving, etc.) but also knock-off jewelry, scarfs, etc. MYA bought a bunch of stuff to augment what she refers to as her "hoochie" look; I got some colorful web belts (to augment my pants not falling down with a small attempt at style)

The funny thing was, the shop (normally empty when weve been there in the past) was full of young 'uns in town for the UCC Synod. They were milling all over downtown Hartford in their Teva's and matching tee shorts, and yanno, there are just not a lot of places for them to shop. So the youth of the UCC were shopping for knock off Chanel scarves and $5 wiglets. Pretty amusing.

Yeah, I did yoga on Tuesday (and nearly croaked). The good news is, that even with a regular Nykki power class, cooked up a bit by the heat, I still popped right up into Wheel when the time came near the end of the practice. So my concerns about it being attainable only at the end of shoulder opening or less strenuous practices are not valid. CHAKRASANA IS MINE!

I'll be on the mat tomorrow.


Staci said...

What I know about yoga could fill a full hot dog bun, but it seems to me that yoga and hot dogs don't mix. Yogi and hot dogs, but not yoga and hot dogs.

(Hot dogs are one of my guilty pleasures. I know how bad they are for me, but I can't resist!)

Anonymous said...

Looks like the $2 hot dog and $1 soda deal dosen't apply to Friday night games.