June 09, 2007

Cleansing Fast - Day One

Well, I survived five rounds of Blessed Herbs "Toxin Absorbant" (mixed with apple juice). Not really all that bad - the gunk helps keep me full. I treated myself to veggie broth at meal time, and for dessert tonight, some peach passion herbal tea. Mostly, a bit of "mouth hunger" (falling back to my mindfulness eating stuff) but no real hunger. According to the program guide, Day One is the hardest - and I made it.

Kind of low key day, all in all. I did a Power II yoga class today - pretty fierce. The yogi only teaches on Saturday - so I do not get to work with her often (Saturday is usually my off day) so it was a treat. After that, Zippy and I stormed the retail world - with trips to Stop and Shop (Zippy banking), Home Depot (misc junk), Marshalls (birthday underwear for the Zipster and a bunch of stuff for me, yoga pants and top, and two incredibly cute pair of shoes (Sketchers), and then Target (party supplies, TP, and a door mat)

We shall see how Days Two thru Five fare.

Tomorrow - maybe balloon chasing. Maybe yoga (gentle, until this cleansing fast is over). And then up to NoHo for a support space for the Zipster.

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