June 17, 2007

YTT Redecisioning

Back thinking about YTT. With the Gemini party in the past, I sat down with the WHY training information today and went over it a bit more carefully. Now I am having second thoughts. The struggle comes along a couple of lines:

1) WHY training turns out to be significantly more expensive - starting out at $2K, and then adding two national trainings and an anatomy workshop adds another $1000-$1500. That's significant to me; the $2K alone is going to be a challenge.

2) WHY training is a lot more compressed - running from Jan - June (5 session). But then there is a need to get to two national teacher workshops. So lots of wiggle room. Samadhi is spread out over 10 months (Sept - June), and seems to be a lot more concrete (one weekend per month) plus a few extra days for workshops. Less uncertainty, more of a rhythm.

3) I'm fretting about the number of yoga hours - I kind of want more basics / fundamentals / classroom, and I fear that the time spent (food / cooking / eating, national workshops) will be less time spent on yoga. Samadhi has lots of different energy too but I think it might be more resonant with my journey - literature, spirituality, music, etc.

4) I need to assess "why I want to take YTT" - and really, I want this background / credential to be able to bring yoga to my tribe. I'm less interested in a personal growth experience (though I am sure that will be there). I do think WHY would push me in a lot of ways and be better for me from a personal growth perspective, but I am not sure I want YTT to be the place where I want to explore my edges in that way. I will continue my personal practice (at WHY) even as I take training at Samadhi.

I'm gonna hit a power class over at Samadhi on Tuesday morning, to get a better feel for things. Take some time to talk to folks at WHY, and folks at Samadhi. And a fellow yogi from WHY who has taken the YTT over at Samadhi might be a good person to speak to. Perhaps make some sort of decision in the next few weeks.....and cross my fingers. If the Samadhi training overlaps with kirtan next year (as it did this year) then I may be off the grid in terms of kirtan for next year. My pound of flesh, perhaps.

Argh. No easy answers.

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