June 30, 2007

Do It Yourself

Spent some time on the mat this morning guiding my own yoga practice. It's something I think I will be doing more of; for a few reasons. Cost-wise, its less expensive, and I can put the savings into my teacher training fund. And if I am moving towards teacher training, who better to explore postures, sequences, and flow of a practice than with myself.

It's kind of interesting in that I am crafting the perfect practice - for me. Which means its long and a bit less frenetic - I tend to have longer breathing cycles than most (big lungs) so I flow through vinyasa slower. I also tend to hold postures longer - not quite so regular as 5 breaths, but longer.

It's not really as if I am crafting a practive ahead of time; I am following my body's lead. And I did try to include some variety - some prep work on my knees, some vinyasa to get me warmed up, standing sequences, forward bends, ab work, back bends. Quite fun really - a nice long practice, with some sweat and heat, but not a killer. If I can do that 2-3 times a week and then add 2-3 formal practices - wow!

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