June 10, 2007

Yale's Other Class

An interesting front page story in today's Courant, by Kim Martineau, about class (and a little race) at Yale, told from the perspective of a middle class kid, learning about class from below...

Interesting, and a story I relate to. I tend to be a bit of a chameleon - I move through and interect with upper classes, despite having a middle class background (and balance sheet). My parents were solidly middle class - not doctors or lawyers - an IT manager and a nurse. All of my sibs got bachelors degrees but advanced degrees were not on any of our plates.

Amusingly, Zippy, with advanced degrees, a college professor father and a mother with means, is significantly higher class than I (despite her rather dour financial situation). I do think I elarned a lot of my social behavior from my lower class status - I behave, I watch and learn the conventions, I mind my manners and yield to my betters (who are mostly everyone).

Anyway, good read for a Sunday morning.....

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