June 24, 2007

Have Some Cheese, Grommet.....

I should be in bed right now - I am slated for a 4:30 a.m. wakeup call to go balloon crewing - for a film shoot no less.

Instead, I am enjoying some Pleasant Son Aged Chedder, from Sankow's Beaver Brook Farm. Yum. A friend brought us a wedge to the Gemini party, and it is good. Not a cheese conniseur, but one can taste the wholesome goodness and complexity of the cheese! Its exotic food night; I also was enjoying fresh papaya.

Kind of a quiet weekend. I hit the mat Saturday (Samadhi) and Sunday (WHY) - in the Sunday morning coin toss (Shankara / Nykki) the coin landed on its edge, and Carissa was the Yogi-in-Command. A treat, she mirrored her Friday morning practice (I was the only repeat customer) and she kind of apologized for that beforehand. No problem with me - it was neat to work the practice again, and surprise, Chakrasana was once again within my reach. Woo-hoo! I wear a very un-yogi-like grin from ear to ear when I feel myself popping up into wheel, let me tell you!

Today I went out and bought a new tarp for the dining fly (which is getting a complete makeover - new poles, new tarp) Did some laundry. Visited the neighbors (graduation party for the eldest daughter). Now, off to bed....

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