June 15, 2007

Compact Fluorescents

We've run through the house and swapped out most of the incandescents over the past few years - the holdouts have been:

(a) Bedside lamp (shade needs a bulb)
(b) Living room lamp (Three way bulb)
(c) Living Room three lamp stand (exposed bulbs)
(d) Bathroom fixture (globes)
(e) Dining room chandelier (mini-bulbs)

Got a mailing from CL&P with some affordable CF bulbs in less common styles: three-way bulbs (living room), encapsulated CF's (like a bulb, good for bedroom and reading lamps), and globes (for the bathroom).

Still on the prowl for mini lamps, and some viable outdoor bulbs (front and back porch lamps, backyard spotlight)

Visit the site here - replace some bulbs, save some watts!

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