June 19, 2007

YTT Centering

Snuck out to a practice at Samadhi this morning at 6:00 a.m. Nice practice - intimate, perhaps a little early. I think I am slowly cementing my decision about YTT. What is holding me back from the WHY teacher training is......fear. And well, hmm.....isn't my yoga practice about learning to face fear, find my edges, live with discomfort, work on softening and opening? No free pass on this one.

Best get started on that application.

In other news, I found a new tent for FRFF. I had an old dome tent that I bought back in 1992 or whenever the heck I went to my first folk fest. It served me well, but last year (I think) it ended up with a major hole ripped in it, it was old and faded and leaky, and I trashed it. I had bought a larger tent a few years back (for Zippy and I to co-camp in) but its too big for just me - takes up too much space, too hard to put up and down, etc. So I am investing in a new tent this year:

It's a Wenzel Sentinel 9- by 9- Foot3-4 Person Pentadome Tent. Probably not the best thing out there but good enough for 4 nights of camping per year, and with more rain avoidance features than other tents I have lived with. It'll do.

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