June 06, 2007


Took an hour tonight to meditate down at the studio. Was very nice; a friend led the meditation and it was good to see her (twice in one week!) Zippy and I took a walk in the neighborhood after dinner. And I am starting three days of preparation for a 5 day cleansing fast.

Catching up at work today - I got a big report out and another smaller one that has been pending (plus a longish meeting and lunch); tomorrow and Friday I have three more reports, an expense report, and reviewing an installation guide.

Down at the studio, one of my favorite teachers has gotten an 8 am hot class on Tues and Fri which might be a good alternative. And I was enchanted by the graphics work on the new sumemr schedule and am gonna find out about the graphic wizard - see if she freelances. Maybe I can snag her for a makeover for one of my web clients....

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