June 12, 2007

Cleansing Fast - Day Three

Well, three days down, two to go. I'm coming around the back turn.

So far - no serious hunger, light-headedness, or discomfort (headaches, etc.). I've had some mouth hunger and cravings, watching television does not help, with its non-stop food advertisements. The apple-juice / toxin absorber cocktail is getting tiresome.

I've been able to maintain my yoga practice at a somewhat tempered level - a power II class on Saturday (first day) was a killer but I had just started my fast. But an all levels class on Sunday was about the right amount, and this morning, I am going to hit a new Hot Class with a familiar teacher I trust not to be too strenuous.

Have not lost any weight (amazing, since my caloric intake is significantly reduced) and I've had reasonable output (although this morning I am feeling somewhat bloated and blocked). It's pretty amazing what has been in my digestive track that this process is shaking loose.....and I think I'll reap benefits from that in the weeks to come.

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