June 21, 2007

WNBA Stage Manager

Spent last evening courtside at Mohegan Sun, watching the NY Liberty crush the Connecticut Sun. Actually, the gaem was close to the end, but since the Sun ran up a 17 point lead in the 1st quarter, the fact that the Liberty came back, took the lead, and then beat them counts as a crushing.

I was filling in for the stage manager (car trouble) so I got to sit next to Mary Murphy and Bob Wischusen. (If you follow the link to the clip, I was standing off camera to Mary's right) My mission was mostly to walk around with the talent, be a second set of ears on a headset (just in case the talent's IFB went dead) and in general be helpful and official looking.

Also important, telling the producer when there were subs coming in - White sub (Sun) or Blue Sub (Liberty). And figuring out the flavor of timeouts - so now I know that this is what a 20-second timeout looks like. Although I think there is some variation in referee styles in terms of calling timeouts, so its a bit interpretive.

Kind of fun to be up close and personal with the WNBA - after years of being at the games doing graphics (in the back room) to be courtside was fun; I got up close to many of the players. Always amusing to me; I have to believe that a WNBA player, seeing me (taller than some players, and not too much shorter than most) hanging around with a headset, clipboard, and credentials, has to be thinking "I wonder if she played in college?" Certainly, there seemed to be a bit of sizing up going on.

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