June 03, 2007

Barking Dogs

Sunday morning, 6 a.m. here, and there has been (up until a moment ago) a dog incessantly barking outside. Being the mommy to three dogs, I had to check to be sure it was not one of ours, somehow escaped (no, all are fed and watered and asleep)

Been an up tempo weekend without being too harried. Friday, the Zipster and I had counseling (a good session, despite a pretty cold fight Thursday evening into Friday morning; we made up before work on Friday). Then off to the CT Gay and Lesbian Film Fest for opening night. Met a few friends there, and saw a lot of the community stalwarts (the folks we see at fund-raisers, conferences, pride, the film fest). Good movies. I'll probably go once this week with MYA; and maybe one more time with the Zipster.

Saturday, was balloon chasing, BB "Shot the Res" (the Merimere Reservoir, abutting Percival Park in Meriden), this time from the south to the north. (He did north to south last weekend). Nice flight, from Cheshire to private yard off Orchard Road, east of the Chamberlin Highway. Once again, my GPS was helpful in the solo chase.

As part of out "catching up on the classics" Netflix program, we watched "Streetcar Named Desire" last night - odd since all these iconic scenes and lines of dialogue were familiar even as neither of us had seen the film or the play. Brando was quite the stud in his day; hard to imagine for those who only knew him in later years. We enjoyed the movie.

Today: yoga in the morning (Nykki) and then some house stuff (maybe cut the lawn). We're off to Torrington at 4:00 pm to see a Tibetan singer (I know nothing, no venue, no name, so no links) that Zipster found. And at 8:30, practive for Kirtan.

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