March 21, 2006

Am I To Be a Restaurant Critic, Then?

I use Sitemeter on this blog, which means I can access some information about who is visiting, when, and how they got here (all of which is turned over to Homeland Security, thank you very much). Actually, its pretty boring stuff; a handful of regular visitors, some newbies surfing in from the Blogger "Next Blog" function, and an occasional search engine link.

Strangely, the most frequent search is a particular restaurant that we visited back in mid-February. I can imagine the owners of said place asking new patrons "so how did you find us?" and after the 5th time someone mentions my blog (it was a quickie post - complementary but not exhaustive, and certainly not a comprehensive review) getting kind of interested in blogging as a marketing technique. Sheesh. Guerilla Marketers R Us.

Subject to the title of this post, I *have* considered some sort of restaurant critic thing. Not that I have any qualifications other than liking to eat and liking to write, but I think there is room for a sort of "on the down low" food schmooze for we of the slightly less affluent but nonetheless gastronomically adventuruous sorts. Of course, it would take about 12 minutes for a physical description of the Zipster and I to hit the restaurant grapevine at which point we'd get fawning overattentiveness and free appetizers, which would piss us both off. Nah.

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