March 15, 2006

Mondo To Do

Drove down to Essex yesterday to meet with a client. Nice to have that sort of sit around the table strategizing kind of thing. Being self employed I sometimes feel as if I am working in a bubble at times, so the human contact is nice. I walked away with a to do list and a desktop full of gorgeous aerial shots of a Connecticut tourism mainstay. In any case I got to dress up and play professional, and use the word "effort" as a verb.

After the meeting, I traveled up to Middletown for lunch at O'Rourke's. Being so near to St. Patty's day, I had the Irish Stew - and when my lunch companion (who admittedly, bought my lunch) snarfed my bread, it was noticed and another piece was brought with the admonition "You'll need this for the stew, but guard it this time". Yummy food. We are overdue for an O'Rourke's breakfast, the next time Zippy gets one of those state-employee holidays that nobody else gets I think we are gonna make a quick trip down Rt. 9 for some breakfasty goodness. I was going to pick up a loaf of O'Rourke's bread for home, but Zippy needs the nutritional info (carb counting) and barring that I'd end up eating most of it, which would *not* bode well for weight loss.

Today is gonna be a busy one - work this morning, drive out to UConn for a lunch lecture, and hustle back to greater Hartford for a 2 pm meeting at a high school. I'm 45, I guess I can walk into a high school without experiencing PTSD flashbacks related to either nuns or bullies.

My bouzouki has still not shown up; I am expecting it today. We'll see.

Oh, and I got email this morning from the chef / owner / manager of Hot Basil thanking me for my review. Heh, glad to help. The power of the blogosphere, I guess. Nice of them to notice, I hope things are going well.

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