March 13, 2006

Tuvan Throat Singing

Enough of this throat singing already, If you wanna sing two notes at once
Why don't you do like everyone else
Get a multi-track machine, Lay 'em down separately
Make a little harmony
Maybe a bass track, Like one from the Rolling Stones
None of this long lost art, This archaic stuff
Go out and buy something

Dan Bern / Go To Sleep

The Zipster has gotten obsessed with Tuvan throat singing. She and friends went down to see Alash at Wesleyan last week. She's going to a singing workshop in Glastonbury in a few weeks. And now we're going to see Alash in Ridgefield next Friday.

It's not a new obsession, just a back burner / slow burn kind of thing that has recently flared up. I recall we went to see a Tuvan group doing music to a silent Russian film at Real Art Ways a few years back. I'm sort of interested in it technically and politically, but I'll probably be slightly less entranced than Zippy and our friend. But its all the way down in Ridgefield so I get to drive.


Anonymous said...

I will give my money to a Tuvan throat singer over dan bern any minute

Jude said...

Can;t say I disagree, actually my post regarding the concert in Ridgefield was pretty effusive: