March 26, 2006

Catching My Breath.....

Been a long weekend so far. Friday and Saturday were the True Colors Conference - I played chauffer / mom for MYA on Friday, and her friends as well on Saturday. Friday I spend time with my mom, who came down to do a workshop with me (which went well). Very rewarding, but long days. Zippy and I went to the presenters dinner on Friday night which by good fortune placed us at the table with Robyn Ochs who remains one of my favorite people on the planet.

My "find" of the weekend was Romaine Patterson - props to Krystal for the infectious enthusiam which prompted me to go to her workshop. Romaine is....unique - a 21 year old kid when thrust into the media spotlight through her friendship with Matthew Shephard, an incredibly brilliant mind (she conceived and led the Angel Action to combat Fred Phelps), and a real person. She's working for Sirius Radio now, doing a sort of lesbian shock-jock thing (the Derek & Romaine show)

She's also a hottie. Just saying. I bought her book The Whole World Was Watching and got it signed. Did I mention the hot part?

Last night, Zippy and I went to a chanting circle - Zippy has been interested in throat singing, and our host is reknowned as a student of the art and a teacher of same. It was very cool and interesting (and had some connections to my yoga, both in terms of energy and in terms of people). Not sure we are up to being regulars (Zippy has issues in terms of stamina; there was close to three hours of solid chanting, and although I enjoyed it, it's not my main thing) - but it was so wonderful to meet these folks and be welcomed into their space.

I'm sitting here on Sunday morning just trying to catch my breath and get back into my life. I have not jazzercised since last Monday, nor done formal yoga since Wednesday (I did work through some postures on my own yesterday morning). Probably gonna brave the hot class this morning, although it will probably wipe me out. I have a pile of work in my "IN BOX" from taking off Friday, so the week ahead should zoom by, and April is looming large at the end of the week!

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