March 16, 2006

Too Busy to Post (much)

Just a lot going on. A tuesday meeting with clients left me with a fairly long and diverse to-do list. Lots of little graphics tasks and reformatting and re-coding and the like. A couple of bigger projects to be done by the end of the month, but this week, mostly lots of little chunks.

On the bouzouki front, I've figured out the fingerings, and have managed to play all the way through, Richard Shindell's Are You Happy Now. Fortunately the Zipster likes this song cause I've been banging through it a few times a day. Really, its similar to the guitar in a lot of ways. I like the sound. I need to tweak the neck a bit (strings are a wee bit high) and play around, but overall, I'm really happy with it.

Finally, with the purchase of a 30 Class Card down at Ye Olde Yoga Shoppe, I am officially and unabashedly addicted.

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