March 22, 2006

Gawker Stalker

This site is a bad thing.

Being friends with a couple people on the "fringes of celebrity" I know how precious their anonymity and freedom to move through the world is. I am always on guard about protecting their privacy - whether its in person, protecting email and phone numbers, disclosing information, or simply giving them space. I am forever worried about whack-jobs and nut-cases. And it seems like it might be just one encounter or bad experience that pushes them off into reclusiveness and misanthropy.

So, Gawker Stalker, from that perspective - bad, very bad.

On the other hand, I am amused to consider how my life might be partitioned into 2 or 3 sentence sightings.

1. Whole Donuts in Newington. She really does not need a cherry donut. Seems to be a regular, the woman at the counter calls her Judy. She likes her coffee with milk and one Sweet and Low.

2. Shield Street post office. I see her there a lot, picking up her mail around 11 am. She never seems to get much, but once in a while she must get money cause she is smiling as she leaves.

3. I was next to her at a stoplight on the Berlin Turnpike - she was driving that maroon Saturn. She had show tunes cranked up and was singing along. Think it was Wicked.... when the light turned green she left me in the dust. What's the hurry. b*tch?

Also, I think the most prevalent phrase in any Jude sightings would be the words "She looked like crap". Just saying.

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