March 28, 2006

Spring, Fruit, Consumerism

Lot of positive energy in the air. The weather has warmed and this week it truly feels like spring. Sweatshirt / fleece weather. Zippy and I went for an anniversary walk at the reservoir on Sunday and while the trees had not yet budded, I suspect they will be by the end of this week.

Zippy also bought a fresh pineapple over the weekend which we have been munching on. Yum!

Yesterday brought a bit of consumerism - I snuck out a bit early for lunch and ended up dropping some birthday money at Sports Authority (new Ryka's, on sale), Office Max (store closing, I got Zippy an external CD-R/W, and a wireless mouse/pointer for presentations), and Target (personal care stuff)

I think I am gonna try to sneak over to Home Depot and buy some of those clamp on spikes to aerate the lawn, and some grass seed - the back yard is a barren dirtscape....

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