March 02, 2006

Birthday Blahs

Not that I am particularly upset about my reasonably proximate birthday (it is not a super major decade-ish anniversary, but its meaningful nevertheless). But mom thinks its a biggie, so I am asked what I want. We want to get you something nice (says she).

I am thinking of a bouzouki. I've played guitar for years but it's sort of lost its charm - I'm not much of a singer, do not have the time / patience / desire to become a guitar wizard, and the world is full of bad singer-songwriter wanna-be's. But I was charmed by a bouzouki at a celtic concert earlier this year, and thought it would be fun to learn to play and be slightly more exotic than a beat up Ibanez six-string that I bought new but seems to have become an antique whilst in my possession. Who knew?

Anyway, I found an inexpensive short neck one on ebay. I'm thinking of springing for it and getting my family to chip in (if they want).

What's interesting is that after decades of not really knowing what I want or choosing things I think I should get (or practical things, like for the house), I have come to a place in life where I can be smitten with something (an activity, a thing, a person, a concept) and actually want it openly. It feels positive, like I finally feel as if I deserve good things.

Oh, and for those keeping score at home: Pisces.

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