March 06, 2006

Commuting in my Blood

Half of my bloodline hails from Long Island. So taking a train into the city is in my genes, the rhythm of the rails resonates with my heartbeat. So it's kind of exciting to be taking Metro-North into Grand Central for work.

Annoying to have to drive down to Bridgeport, but I've had good luck with parking and departures / arrivals there. Annoying to be having to leave the house around 6:15 am, and not expecting to arrive home until after midnight. Fortunate that my destination (the Harvard Club) is just a few blocks from GCC and the weather bodes well.

I like working in NYC. An adventure. I feel urban and sophisticated. I've got a mostly unread New Yorker for the train and will pick up the Courant along the way (although reading the Hartford Courant on Metro-North pegs one as a rube)

If I were smart I would have grabbed my MP3 player and loaded up some podcasts. Nope, been too busy working and stuff. But it is my wont to have theme music running inm my head as I travel - my communiting into NYC theme is invariably Take That Look Off Your Face from Sondheim's Song & Dance.

It's all so amazing, the size and the noise.
Why it's still alive at five A.M.
And that drive in the eyes of New York girls, oo,
I'd like to be one of them.


Anonymous said...

When I go to the City, I take Metro North out of Waterbury. The schedule is limited, but I prefer the limted schedule to driving and parking in Bridgeport.


Jude said...

Alas, between the extra time for the transfer, the late hour, and not being sure how late I would be or which train I would make, Bridgeport is just a more sure bet.

Besides, the long walk from the station to the Harbor Yard parking garage (in sensible heels, but not sneaks) at 11 pm is sure to raise the adrenaline level.