March 09, 2006

The quickening pulse

Once more, we step lightly towards spring. The weather bodes warmer and wetter the next few days - we're moving into mud season. I have not smelled the fertile deliciousness of decay yet, but its coming. The Equinox is two weeks hence. (Why some people find this word amusing is a mystery to me.....I think its a nice word - perhaps a bit poetic and archaic, not unlike myself)
When the snow melts you better watch your step
Walking on the shoulder of the road
And the smell fills the air
Of whatever the dogs did there months ago
Even old couples brawl
And the house feels as small as a child with a fever
And it's mudtime in Saxton's River
Hugh Blumenfeld - Saxton's River

Hopefully I can sneak in a full day of work; yesterday was all broken up between sleeping in, stepping out for yoga, and catching up. I have a few reports to get out, an invoice to generate, some long term projects to push through, and a little marketing. March is a crazy busy month, judging by my dry-erase calendar. Not a lot of unwritten days.

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