March 23, 2006

Drum Circle

Zippy and a friend are holding an impromptu drum circle at the moment.

They were supposed to go to a nascent drumming thing at the local community center but I guess they both have been burned too often by its lack of organization and leadership, and got wind that it was gonna be adrift this evening, so they fired up a drum circle DVD (who knew there were such things?) and are drumming along. Zippy has her balaphon and our friend brought along some drums.

While on some level its quite soothing, I kind of need an Advil. I was playing along for a while (and playing the balaphon is pretty fun). The whole "Drum Circle on DVD" thing is amusing - they have a camera mounted in the center of the circle that just rotates, so you get to see all the players - its like having a personal musical posse.... sadly, we degenerated into discussing the hotness, dateability, and clothing choices of the drummers and making up nasty little pet names for them.

So much bad karma, store up we are.

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