March 06, 2006

The Circle of (Corporate) Life

So Yahoo reports that AT&T Makes $67 Billion Bid for BellSouth

I am *so* confused. I mean, we split up AT&T a bunch of years ago. We shed all the Baby Bells, we ripped Bell Labs out as a separate entity, we pried apart local and state and long distance calling. And now, it's all coming back together, through market forces.

Perhaps we needed to handicap the communications giant for a few years to give things like VOiP and Cable Broadband and Satellite Phones and OnStar and Cellular Competitors and those annoying Nextel phones that the folks in the next office are always talking on loudly a chance to develop. Sort of like thinning the old-growth forests (or letting a forest fire come through) to start another cycle of growth. Or maybe the development of these competitive communications technologies have plowed through monoply fears, so we can let the phone monopoly reform. In a world where people opt out of land lines, maybe its just not so important.

Just weird. I've run the gamut of cell phone providers - SNET, AT&T, Sprint, Cingular (which used to be SNET / SBC, and will probably be AT&T before long). I'm pretty sure I was pissed off and fed up with AT&T at one point in the past. But I've liked Cingular, so even if they become AT&T, maybe they will not act like the AT&T I recall.

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