March 28, 2006

Stuck Stuck Stuck Stuck Stuck Stuck

I have big projects looming. They are mostly started and stalled, and I cannot seem to get them restarted. They include:

* My 2005 taxes (this is mostly just a matter of time, everything is assembled, and I am kind of putting them off until after I squeek out the last billable projects for March and get my end of the month billing done)

* A small MySQL database for a web client / ticketing system. Upgrading the existing system. We sort of had April 1st as a target to start ticket sales.....and its been months since I looked at this. Gulp. Probably not too difficult but its new technology for will take some time to plod through....

* A revision to a large, macro laden Excel spreadsheet that reads and graphs power monitor data. I've got a bunch of the key pieces written, need to clean up one more COPY / PASTE issue (which I think I figured out today) and then sew it all together and clean it up and test it.

* Adding a bunch of images and cleaning up another clients webiste (the images are sitting in my Eudora attach folder like a huge pile of stones, waiting to be moved)

* Put together ideas for a friend's website (long delayed)

Time for my secret weapon - divide and conquer. As I write this I am envisioning a bunch of sub-tasks, if I can break these down a bit, maybe they will be more manageable.

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