March 01, 2006

Rant and Rave

Rave: Eudora, the email program and specifically its spam filter. I've been a Eudora fan for eons, since I got my second email account and realized Outlook Express could, at the time, only handle one and the fact that I am off-the-grid in terms of Microsoft Outlook is both a sort of snotty geek pride and self preservation in virulent and wormish times. But the spam filter - transparent, easy to use, effective. Rah!

Rant: One of my clients is migrating to direct deposit. Monday morning I arrived to work to find a fax saying "a deposit is being made" as of Monday 2/27 but no sign of said deposit so far. I am sure this will be a good thing long term but I am nervous of some snafu or complication. Gar. I am much more reassured by a piece of paper with a clear plastic window and a PAY TO THE ORDER OF inscribed somewhere therein.

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