March 02, 2006

Catching Up

Snowing here - I had a 10 am appointment (dry) and when I emerged at 11 am the grounds were covered, roads were slick, and it was coming down pretty hard. Still is. No Jazzercise ::pout::

I blew off the Philly conference cause I am just a wee bit too backed up on stuff - cranked out a bunch of reports today and am set up to get some good stuff done tomorrow. I really should go to the office, fetch a couple of faxes, and do some work at home tonight. Might do that after dinner. Pity about the conference, I wanted to see / spend some time with my bud MB, and I meet some other distant correspondants.

Rants: I'm waiting for two largish checks. One is about 75 days out and is pretty large, I poked the client this morning and its been in her Admin Asst's in box for a few months. Grr....might be another two weeks. As long as it gets here by the end of March so I can stuff my 2005 401(K). The second is an EFT transfer promised on 2/27 and so far MIA; I called the client, ended up in India, and was told it had gone out today. Couple of hours later I get a call back from India, apparently the name on the account bounced. So I gave it to them again (MY NAME dba MY BUSINESS) which was slow work what with the ESL issues. I followed up with an email. We'll see.

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