March 10, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Just saying. It's not a BIG one. It's a semi-big-one.

I usually do not celebrate hugely - today will be work, then yoga, then more work, then dinner, and finally kirtan (which is kind of great, on my birthday and all) but for the most part its a normal Friday. Zippy and I will cross paths, but she is headed to a celtic concert tonight.

I did however, purchase (presently en route) a bouzouki which I have been talking about on and off. My family wanted to get me something, so they can contribute if they want.... now to dig up my tuner and figure out what tuning I want and maybe find some books or online resources to help me learn the basics. Between my guitar chops and my semi-demi-hemi-musical education, I can probably get to a reasonable level fairly quickly.

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