March 11, 2006

A Real Weekend

Not a ton on the schedule. Pretty low key. Unseasonably warm weather. No complaints.

I'm waiting for the Zipster to come home - pork chops on the grill (3 flava's: pepper crusted, cajun, and a milder breadcrumbs and spices. Stir fry all set to go, and some leftover rice being warmed. A nice dinner before we head out to see ::drum roll: Ferron!

Kirtan last night was interesting - I'm channeling birth at the moment. My own birthday of course, plus spring (rebirth), plus news that of a teenage pregnancy twice removed - and contemplating what will happen with that. I'm pro-choice, but seriously would love to see any individual pregnancy carried to term if possible. Life is life. So I'm passing along info on options in terms of adoption. Hell, I fantasize about bringing the young woman into the house, supporting her through her pregnancy, and adopting the kid myself. Freaking getting all maternal and save the worldish.

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