March 26, 2006

Drop Your Shoulders

I attended a workshop on myth and masks at the conference by a wonderful woman who also happens to be a yoga instructor. She was leading us (being mostly kids, and two adults) through some stretching activities to start (yoga light) and must have figured I practiced, cause at one point I heard a distinct "drop your shoulders" aside amongst all the youth wrangling, which is a pretty typical thing for me to hear, but it was funny to hear it there.

I kind of wish I had people in my life to whisper things of that nature to me all the time. I had some rough situations this weekend where I was pretty much shooting from the hip, and a few kind words of guidance whispered in an ear would have been appreciated! Perhaps I just need to internalize the voice of a yoga instructor - so that I am able to tell myself to drop my shoulders, or provide other useful advice on an as needed basis!

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