August 01, 2006

August 1 - Too Much To Do

It's one of those "remind me again why I wanted to be self employed?" periods.

It's August 1, and I have my monthly invoicing to take care of (methinks its not gonna happen until tomorrow, and go me for having my finances in a place where a day or two late is not a big deal). I have a fairly urgent report to crank out this morning, and popular tickets go on sale for one of my clients. I have proposals to generate for two new clients, not your typical site visit proposals but long term. I have a conference paper due in a week or so. And I have two WNBA games slated for tonight and Thursday.

I normally do yoga on Tuesdays, but I think I'm gonna blow it off today in favor of catching up at work. I'll hit the mat tomorrow and Friday; my evenings are booked all week. I did Jazzercise last night and that will have to suffice for exercise right now. I picked up a Shiva Rae CD to do some home practice, but right now the extra room remains cluttered with the remnants of FRFF. More stuff I need to catch up on.

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