August 13, 2006

Sunday Morning

Yawn time. My digital crack (a message board I visit) is down. I'm not really a regular poster there, more of a spectre who haunts the attic and comes down once in a while to unloose a lightning bolt or say something pithy, but I like reading - from both a drama point of view as well as a "smart people thinking and talking about things" perspective. I used to post more but there are too many folks of my experience already contributing and from a taking up space / dominating the discourse perspective, I self silence a bit. I also tend to stir things up too much, between my own iconoclastic ideas and opinions, and my own pain. So I tend to lash out and cause pain - not good. Better to be silent and thought a fool that to speak up and remove all doubt. Abraham Lincoln, I think.

I should sit down and write some letters - I have two friends I have been meaning to write, and though I see both of them in person now and then, a letter seems appropriate to get some things out there. Maybe once I am done my blog entry.

BB and K2 called last night - I think they are ballooning this morning as I type this. I was ambivalent - I was a bit off all day yesterday from the Saturday morning shenanigans and after missing my Sunday morning yoga session a few weeks running, I wanted to hit the mat today. For probably obvious reasons, Sunday morning sessions have a more spiritual flavor to them, with regular participants.

Yesterday, we visited Home Depot - picked up an inexpensive range hood, and electrical junk to install it. Not sure I will get started today, but soon. I need to pull out the 240 VAC line from the old electric stove, and run a new 15A circuit to supply the stove outlet (ignitor and light) and hood. The biggest challenges will be popping more or less clean holes in the plaster and lathe, pulling the wire, and working around the mess in the basement. Knowing me, cleaning the basement will become part of the project. I am sure I will get all pissed off at working around the mess and spend 8 furious hours of organizing, tossing, cleaning. My nails (recently manicured, with a vow to keep them looking nicer) will probably be the worse for all this.

Our piecemeal kitchen renovation project continues. Done: gas stove (purchase and install), electric stove (removal and disposal), replace laminate countertops - thanks to our friend MP who is a master craftsperson. To be done: install stove electrics, paint some trim and shelving as well as all the old walls, purchase and install tileboard around the stove and above the counters, and replace the cabinet hardware.

The Connecticut Sun home season closed with a horrible loss to Indiana - not surprising. The game was meaningless for the Sun, meaningful for the Fever, and the Sun were coming off a record 13 game win streak and were due for a loss. And from a grand scheme of things perspective, losing to the Fever is actually not a bad thing - since the Fever are fighting Detroit for the #2 seed in the playoffs. I'd much rather see Indiana in the 2nd round than Detroit (who have had the Sun's number all season) so if we can help Indiana achieve home court advantage int he first round vs. Detroit - its a good thing. Game today vs. Detroit on ABC @ 1:30 p.m. Might be a rare daytime television / sports event round here.

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