August 06, 2006

Splashes of Color

For whatever reason, I noticed three incredibly colored birds flying across my path this morning en route to / from Jazzercise. A male cardinal, a yellow finch and the third a vibrantly blue jay. It is that sort of weekend - when everything is alive and the word is so green that the other colors stand out in stark relief.

Another sign of the times - our next door neighbor to the east now has a Ned Lamont yard sign, making it 2 - 0 on the street.

I opted for Jazzercise this morning vs. yoga - no real reason, was on the fence until close to 8:00 a.m. With the cleaned up back porch and the mat down which I hope will be more or less permanent (until it gets cold), I hope to do a bit more self directed practice. Probably hit the studio about the same amount (or maybe slightly less) but hopefully practice a bit more frequently on my own - perhaps in the early morning (I am usually up at 5 am, and do not head to work until 7:00 or 7:30). In line with my Falcon Ridge yoga experience, I feel like there is some change in the wind, and my practice is evolving a little bit - perhaps making some space for individual practice is the next step.

So what is next on this gorgeous day? Not 100% sure. AC and MP are coming by us, I think - AC enroute home a trip to the midwest, MP her ride from the airport. I will probably connect with MYA - not sure if Rainbow Room is in the picture or what. Zippy and I would like to do something exercisey, but not sure how we can fit it in.

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